Each resident at Gaston House is expected to serve others in the house as well as the local community as part of the recovery program. At our Dallas Sober Living, we believe that true recovery is only found in helping others and learning that all actions, positive and negative, have an impact on those around us.

Work Crew

In addition to individual chores, each Saturday morning, residents spend at least two hours doing work that benefits the house community or the surrounding area. Landscape work, trash pick up, bus stop cleaning and general area beautification projects are just a few of the ways residents will spend the morning reaching out to others.


As part of a 12-Step Program, each resident is expected to secure a sponsor within two weeks of admission. A sponsor is someone with more long-term sobriety who helps residents work through the 12-Steps. As residents work through the process, they eventually become sponsors as well.

Carrying the Message

Outside of sponsorship, residents are invited to participate in educating others about addiction and recovery. Many residents speak about their battle with substances at other centers such as Serenity High, Dallas 24 Hour Club, Salvation Army, Phoenix House. and other treatment-type facilities and Dallas Sober Living facilities.