Saturday’s at Gaston House are a time for community, service, and some fun. First thing in the morning, the guys will do a work crew, essentially a deep clean of the house and landscape. This is to start our weekends off right, having a little bit of discipline, and taking ownership in the house. That, and when you have 21 guys living in a house together, they might forget to pick up their trash once or twice.

Each weekend, the Gaston guys will either do a service work activity, or a fun activity. The recreation activities can be simple such as having a cookout at the house, going to play flag football, or even an Easter Egg Hunt when the time is right. Other times they can be a little more intensive such as bubble soccer, trampoline dodgeball, paintball, or taking a trip to Joe Pool Lake. Whatever it is, we want to cultivate having fun in sobriety.

We believe service to be a big part of recovery as well, and giving back is something necessary for long term recovery. The Gaston men will have many opportunities for service work throughout their stay, but we coordinate at least one big service opportunity each month on a Saturday. The service activities can include cleaning up local White Rock Lake, Habitat for Humanity, or helping to clean up and paint local schools. During the holiday’s there are always opportunities for these men to give back in a big way whether it’s at Boxes of Blessings, Toys for Tots, or giving out food at local homeless shelters. There is no shortage of service.

Our goal is to continue to strive for helping these young men to find balance in there life of recovery. We addicts are extremely selfish and self-centered, and we must get out of our own heads and give back to those around us. We must find the discipline we lacked for so long, but we also must learn to have fun while doing so.