Resident Phase System

Phase 1 – Upon entering Gaston House Transitional Sober Living, residents will be placed on Phase 1 for the first week. This is the “assimilation phase”, during which time we really encourage residents to get plugged in to the community of men at Gaston House as well as the get to know the city of Dallas. The new resident will get a sponsor, meet with recovery advocates twice within the first week as well as attend the three weekly group/house meetings. Resident are encouraged to use the time without a job to begin working through the first 5 steps. During the first week we also will help the new residents come up with a job searching plan.

Curfews are 9:30pm on weekdays and 10:30pm on weekends, and during the first week new residents are not allowed to have phones. During all phases, the television can only be used from 5 – 12pm on weekdays.

Phase 2 – After residents have been at the house for a week we will help them secure employment. When looking for a job, residents are encouraged to heave a written plan and treat job-searching as if it were their job – looking diligently most of the day. When job searching, the new residents will be with a senior member of the house or a staff member. Once residents have secured employment, and have paid their first collected wage, they can have their cell phone without restrictions.

On Phase 2 curfews are extended to 10:30 on weekdays and 11:30 on the weekends.

Phase 3 – Residents on this phase have demonstrated reasonable levels of responsibility, and received (at least) one pay check and paid 30%, been working a minimum of 25 hours per week, have worked through 7th step (actively making amends), and shown consistency in following house guidelines while being on Phase 2.

Phase 3 residents are eligible to have an automobile. In order to gain this privilege, residents will present a request to staff. Stipulations are often given on the front end (i.e., for work only, work and meetings, etc.). Residents can also miss Friday group for work purposes if given 24 hour heads up and okayed by staff.

Curfews are extended to 11:30 on weekdays and 12:30 on weekends.

Phase 4 – In order to move to Phase 4 the resident needs to be doing all of the things required and more. Phase 4 residents are going above and beyond in service of others, and are the servant leaders who have consistently demonstrated honesty and integrity, calling themselves out and seeking growth and depth in relationship with God and others.

Curfews are 12:30 on weekdays and 1:30 on weekends.