Every couple of month, the Gaston House invites the parents and family of the loved ones who are either coming to the house, or currently in the house to attend our family day. During family day, the staff teaches the families what addiction and alcoholism is, while also explaining the perils of codependency. The families can listen to the speakers,  socialize with other families that are struggling with the same problems, and learn how to care for their loved one in a healthy way.

Addiction is a disease unlike any other on the planet. This disease is a family disease, and while the addict or alcoholic displays obvious symptoms, the family does not share those same detrimental symptoms. The family’s symptoms may look entirely different and more acceptable in every day life. We at Gaston House strive to educate the families of our residents about addiction in all of its facets: The addict/ Alcoholic and the Codependent(s) relationship is one of disharmony, selfishness, and self-centeredness. The relationships that they engage in can be a disastrous one if not realized.

Coming to this family day our hope is to have the family leave well armed in the fight against addiction.

Codependency summarized is the loved one’s response to the addicts destructive behavior. Addiction is a dangerous disease. It has the ability to do things to and against people that are disastrous to the ones afflicted and around them. The addicts inability to stay stopped driven by a mental obsession of control, toppled with the bodily aspect of not being able to control is the dilemma of addiction. Yet the other side of the same coin sits codependency where the codependent holds to the desire that all would be well if they can just control and manage the addict or alcoholic. Both of these plights contain an insidious idea that they can control and manage, yet after experience proves that this it not possible, continue to try all the more. Some would call this insanity, but for the codependent and addict, this is as real and normal as breathing. How to break this cycle is to do as the addict or alcoholic needs to do, work the steps. By attending Ala-non, finding a sponsor, and working the steps, the family can begin their own recovery and gain freedom from the stress and worry that always surrounds caring for one who is affected by this disease.