January 2018

Gaston House Blog: Step One


Step One: "We have admitted powerlessness over drugs and alcohol- that our lives had become unmanageable." This post is to help everyone reading better understand step one. This step is extremely vital in knowing the truth of alcoholism and drug addiction. There are many misconceptions of this disease that in [...]

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December 2017

Gaston House Blog: Sober & The Holidays


*Photo caption: What do the holidays look like sober? A resident’s Mother gifted several strings of lights to the house. Her son and a housemate bought more lights and set out to “decorate the house until it screamed Merry Christmas.” Junius House, December 2017.* Sober & The Holidays What are [...]

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November 2017

Sober & Alumni Stories: Patrick Thornhill


Gaston House Transitions desires all of its residents to share the same freedom Patrick has been so freely given. Watch and share this amazing testimony that shows there is hope in this world for the struggling addict. Sober & Alumni Stories: Patrick Thornhill

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October 2017

Gaston House Transitions Family Day Program


Every couple of month, the Gaston House invites the parents and family of the loved ones who are either coming to the house, or currently in the house to attend our family day. During family day, the staff teaches the families what addiction and alcoholism is, while also explaining the perils [...]

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