September 2017

August 2017

May 2017

Gaston House Transitions Basketball Tournament


Guys from both houses participating in a summer basketball tournament. The house joined in with some healthy competition between each other. Healthy competition is great at cultivating relationships in recovery.

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April 2017

Saturday’s at Gaston House


Saturday's at Gaston House are a time for community, service, and some fun. First thing in the morning, the guys will do a work crew, essentially a deep clean of the house and landscape. This is to start our weekends off right, having a little bit of discipline, and taking ownership in the [...]

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Gaston Ski Trip 2017


Sober & Fun. This is what we advocate for. Yes we strongly encourage direction, accountability, and getting our act together in general; but what is it all worth if we can't live life learning to have fun while being sober? And more so - living sober and having fun with community. In our experience, most people [...]

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December 2016

Service Work: Boxes of Blessings ’16


Guys from the house participated in an annual service opportunity that aims at giving the unfortunate persons of the Dallas-Fort Worth community a chance at experiencing a food filled holiday season. Throughout the day, guys helped make boxes filled with supplies that would feed a family for the holidays. Each year the house participates in [...]

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