Sober & Fun. This is what we advocate for. Yes we strongly encourage direction, accountability, and getting our act together in general; but what is it all worth if we can’t live life learning to have fun while being sober? And more so – living sober and having fun with community.

In our experience, most people in recovery will echo the same thing – “I knew I could stay sober, maybe… but I didn’t think I could be sober & happy.” For so long, drugs and alcohol have been our solution to a deeper underlying issue. They made us happy, get up in the morning, be social, and eventually just function. The solution began to not work, and we continued to find ourselves more restless, irritable, and discontent each day. We couldn’t connect with others. We didn’t know how. We had forgotten how to build friendships and have fun without the solution that was hurting us and those around us. We have to learn how to live and have fun in community and recovery.

Each year, Gaston House does a ski trip to Vail Colorado where the residents stay at Beaver Creek. For a few days, Gaston guys get to connect on one of the most amazing trips ever skiing at the two resorts. We know that just “having fun” is not the solution to our addiction, but this trip is strongly geared toward setting us up in an environment where we can learn that we can build deep relationships, and we can have fun in sobriety. We can be sober & happy.