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Welcome to Gaston House – A Dallas Sober Living

Gaston House is an all male transitional Dallas Sober Living Home, located near downtown Dallas Texas, that offers a structured environment including set curfews, random urine drug screens, breathalyzers, individual counseling, and house meetings. Residents are required to participate in three in-house group-counseling sessions, as well as participate in additional 12-step meetings outside of the community on a weekly basis. House managers are on call 24-hours a day.

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Our staff is committed to giving the young men in our community every opportunity to realize long-term sobriety. By way of working a solid program of recovery, coupled with the accountability of a sober living community as well as individual and group therapy, we believe that our program provides your loved one the greatest possibility to achieve their goals.

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We ensure that all our residents perform daily in house duties as well as seek out full time employment and/or education. Our residents also perform consistent service work within the community. By doing so, these young men will once again learn what it means to give back, live their life, and learn to build solid relationships while working towards recovery in a structured sober living environment. We hope to help these young men achieve not only recovery today, but recovery from drugs and alcohol in the long term, so that they may live long and fruitful lives.

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